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02-17-2007, 01:53 AM

This is the Avsim review of the PSS 757. It looks like they've really picked up their game - this one looks pretty good to be honest.

02-21-2007, 02:14 PM

I love the 757!!!! There is something about its sleek appearance. Ever since the 757 that I had for FS2000 (!) I've been wanting another!! :cool:

Great find! -^

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02-21-2007, 07:37 PM
Damn it!! :D

First impressions: great to fly. For an aircraft with a bit of realism but that you want to just go fly, this is great for that! The sound set is incomplete (compared to say the Level-D 767; there are no EFIS cooling sounds, no clicking of relays as systems switch power sources etc.. although this is modelled in the displays) and there are no FO calls etc... at all. Both engined aircraft, whilst sporting the correct engine displays, use the same sound set from what I can tell, which is a shame. Maybe the sounds could be replaced?

For those who like to fly with current NAVDATA, due to the demise of the de-classified DAFIF database, the aircraft ships with AIRAC Cycle 0608 already installed, when I tested V1.2 of the aircraft.

The aircraft hand-flies very well, and definitely feels over-powered when light, like the real thing. Idle thrust taxi is not a problem - there is just enough thrust to maintain speed, but it will not start taxiing on its own when empty (it seems PSS paid a bit of attention to this point).

Overall, the systems are modelled to a slightly deeper level than simply on/off, but I found that switching the IRS units to ATT does not result in correct behaviours (no ADI ball, no INS HEADING on the POS page of the FMC; it still tries to align with a countdown timer).

The autoflight systems are first-class, and despite one CTD when I first tried to fly (a problem with d9d-something), subsequent flights (the same route) went without a hitch. The AP doesn't seem to show any bad habits, and the FMC flight plan went smoothly. It has no problems with turns, descents or climbs, although during turns in the climb it looses speed slightly. The AT system is smooth, and there is little hunting. The only quibble with the engine displays are that the EPR gauges are reading incorrectly (due to I think, an old FS2004 inaccuracy). You can also trust the autoland functionality to get you down safely in poor weather/visibility, too, and it handles cross-winds very well.

There are 3 models included with this pack:

757-200 (80 liveries) - PW and RR varients
757-300 (PSS livery only) - I presume more are on the way? - PW and RR varients
757-300 Freighter (again, PSS liveries only). - PW and RR varients

Other systems that are functional include:

* Wx RADAR (integrated into the ND)

For just flying - this is great, and shall definitely be finding a place in my hangar! :)

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